How The Live Music Market Has actually Bucked The Financial Pattern


  • Sales of performance and celebration tickets have, without doubt, flourished over the last 4 or five years. Surprisingly, this has accompanied a global economic crisis that has actually relatively decimated consumers' spending power throughout virtually every other market sector. However is this a coincidence? Is everything down to that people can forget their financial problems whilst losing themselves in the enjoyment of a live concert? In truth, the rapid development in concert ticket sales is neither a coincidence, nor a natural response to the doom and grief created by careless banks and sky-high rate of interest charged by charge card companies. Exactly what's happened with ticket sales in the show and celebration sector is everything about the changes that have happened in that sector over the last 10 years, and nothing whatsoever to do with other external considerations.


  • When I initially began going to shows in the mid 1970's, the programs were wonderful, the excitement concrete, however, if I'm being honest, my memories are tinged with the warm radiance of fond memories and are seen through the rose tinted eyeglasses that the passing of time inevitably supplies. Fact check! The sound was usually awful - a wall of muddy noise shrieking out from insufficient PA systems; the stage lighting might probably be compared to what you 'd see at the average school play in this day and age; the security guards were normally local, neanderthal punks looking for a good scrap, and if you went to a performance in a spacious arena that had a capability of more than 5,000, then the band you were apparently enjoying were bit, dancing dots someplace extremely far away in the distance. I remember visiting Bob Marley and The Wailers in a giant shed with 8,000 other reggae fans. It was an absolute privilege to be there, but the PA system was so bad that I could barely identify my preferred tunes, and I was up until now far from the stage that I can't state that I even "saw" the excellent Bob Marley. I was there, and at the time, that was enough. I can also remember my very first time at an outdoor celebration; mud (ok, we've still got the mud), dreadful sound, poisonous food and terrible sanitary conditions. Obviously, I enjoyed it, but it was an ordeal nonetheless.


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  • But things are extremely various nowadays. The improvement of technology has resulted in PA systems becoming 'cutting-edge', phase lighting that would put the lights on the spaceship in 'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' to shame and screens and video-walls that allow even a show goer stuck in a far flung corner of a football arena to have the exact same birds-eye view of the phase as any fan in the front row. The food is premium (if you want to pay for it), the alcohols are different and advanced, the toilets really flush and the thuggish security guards have been re-branded as friendly, helpful 'stewards'. Likewise, the development of the internet offers the ticket buyer a myriad of alternatives in regard to how we negotiate a ticket purchase. We no longer need to queue outside a theatre box-office in the freezing cold, we can now purchase our performance tickets from the comfort of home or office with a couple of clicks of a computer mouse. And even when we're on line, we are provided several purchase-points, ranging from respectable ticket companies to ethical ticket exchanges.


  • It isn't really simply technology that has improved the general performance going experience; the attitude of promoters and artists has actually gradually altered over the last twenty years, to the point where the paramount issue is giving the punter who buys a ticket more bang for his or her dollar. This situation should've happened a lot faster, however perhaps the appropriate viewpoint on this should be that development, if it produces the right, lasting changes, is just as good as the fast repair of revolution. When we hurry to buy our show and celebration tickets, we do so in the understanding that, as consumers, we're being treated with the regard that we should have.


  • Are there any lessons that other market sectors could learn from the show and celebration market? Perhaps there's simply one ... if you take your consumers for granted when times are excellent, you can be sure that they'll desert you when times are difficult. I'm happy to state that the live music market fixed the roofing system whilst the sun was shining, so it's not unexpected that they're selling container loads of performance and celebration tickets, despite the fact that we're being soaked by a proverbial rain-storm.


    Live Music and Festive Occasions - Posters

  • Playing live guitar band-stand music at joyful occasions is among the numerous ways that you can generate income from your music career. Like any other event, unless you put in the needed attention, preparation and resources, you will not make it. One of the activities involved here is the best ways to welcome people to the function. For desire of time and elaboration, I will restrict myself to among the ways utilized to welcome viewers and this is posters. The functions of a good poster are as pointed out listed below:


  • The title of the poster: This have to convey, as much as possible, to the reader exactly what the whole activity has to do with. In our case where we are worried about playing live guitar band stand music at festive occasions, the name of the popular guitar band should be mentioned in the title. A catchy one like this will do: "A Night With The Beatles On Christmas Eve" This need to be boldly composed with a nice font.


  • After this comes short sentences, of 2 or 3, offering a graphic description of what is at stake on the day in concern.


  • Next comes the place. It should also be an easily available and convenient place. The venue must be a popular location known to lots of people and need to likewise be traced with less trouble if there should be any.


  • The date, time, and duration of the activity have to be expressly composed. : "the function begins at 8pm till day break" The poster should come out as early as possible to make individuals adjust their time schedules.


  • Next should be guarantees that it is going to be terrific and guarantee them of the existence of a popular artist in the band. Some events likewise choose special outfit and needs to be pointed out if necessary.


  • Last but not the least is the rate. For good ones, they are classified for children, grownups, and partners. The reason for raising eviction fees is likewise vital. Those which work well are for charities.


  • Guitarist can actually make good money through the numerous celebrations that are plentiful all over the world. This requires more hands on deck for the guitar playing occupation as the marketplace is huge and varied.